Recipes by CRAVER CLUB No5

Recipes by CRAVER CLUB No5

Recipes by CRAVER CLUB No5:


↘ 4 tbsp oats
↘ 4-5 hazelnuts
↘ 4-5 raisin
↘ 1 tbsp chia seeds
↘ Coconut milk
↘ Toppings: 1 small peach
↘ A squeeze of agave
↘ A splash of olive oil
↘ 1 tsp cinnamon
↘ Coconut cream

Optional: A pinch of chia seeds and a pinch of coconut sugar.

Add all the ingredients except the toppings into your almost empty CRAVERS jar, shake it well, and let it rest in the fridge overnight.
In the morning, heat up a peach with agave, olive oil, and cinnamon, and top your oats with warmed peaches, coconut cream, chia seeds, and coconut sugar.

Don’t forget to have one last spoon of love!

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