Keep the pleasure,
not the guilt.

100% Delicious hazelnut butter that will brighten your everyday.
Every. Single. Day.

Goes without saying:
It’ll be your new thing.


Meet the crew:

Enjoy your new
daily habit.

We are health-freak and quality-driven. We endeavor to bring a new routine to your everyday living.

Our main objective is to offer the purest form of pleasure that you can’t do without.

No Palm. Cholesterol. Added Oil. Dairy. Trans Fat. Added Salt. Preservatives. 
No Bullsh*t.

We are who we are.
We don’t go underground.

CRAVERS Nut Butter is as simple as it can be — nothing but the premium hazelnut itself. While our ingredient list is extremely short, we couldn’t manage to fit the benefits in this box.

Locally sourced;
led by women.

Our local manufacturer based in Northern Anatolia -operated by four powerful, ambitious women- has an 80% women employee ratio!
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No Added Salt • No Added Oil • No Trans Fat • No Preservatives • No Cholesterol • No Dairy
ONLY JUICY CONTENT. and not so frequently.

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