Hi! We are CRAVERS.

Folks obsessed with hazelnuts.

Our habits impact our behavior, our health, our life. They define how we live and give a clue about where we are heading—both mentally and physically. We firmly believe that there is always a better choice, not necessarily an easy one. We want to guide you there.

That is why we define ourselves as a habit-forming brand. Hopefully, you will be obsessed with whatever we create. Enjoy!

We are a team of health-freak, ingredient-conscious, and quality-driven nut lovers. Our backgrounds vary from design to engineering, food manufacturing to tech, and investing. We endeavor to bring a new routine to your everyday living and a new hype to the market. Our current objective is to offer the purest form of pleasure: 100% delicious, super nutritious hazelnut butter that will brighten your every single day.

Our name 'Cravers' resonates with the excitement of adopting a guilt-free yet fun eating habit. The extraordinary taste makes it hard for you to spend a day without it. Besides, our community craves an earth-friendly, ethical and healthy future: Leading towards a mindful tomorrow. Once you give it a try, you will ask yourself: Is it tomorrow yet?


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